Dogs that eat too fast….. (and what helped in our house)

Is your dog a SNARFER? (Loosely translated, a food inhaling dog.)


We’d recently acquired a beautiful little Corgi. She would eat her food so quickly she sometimes had difficulty breathing, or, sometimes she hyperventilated, and, occasionally, she would even choke. This snarfing behavior led to vomiting, stomach upset, and other nerve wracking, ghastly things.

It’s not the first time I’ve seen it, I’ve had friends who’d discussed the issue and from my shelter experience I’ve seen many dogs exhibit this same eating issue. I’ve heard reasons and rationalizations for it. Everything from early pack behavior, to too many dogs, too little food………. I’m sure there is a reason, in fact I’m sure there are more than I’ve heard.

Frankly, whatever the reason, it wasn’t answering the problem of how to make it stop. I spent days, weeks, months, letting her take a bite, moving my foot between her and the bowl, letting her swallow, letting her take a bite……… Countless hours of petting and nurturing, and ultimately getting her maybe to slow down for one meal, only to be back to snarfing the next morning. Then one day, it dawned on me, or rather dinged on me.

I make our dogs’ food. Cook it right on the stove, nice and hot and fresh. One particular morning I was off in my timing and distracted by very hungry dogs at my feet.  I scooped the food into the bowls, and without waiting for it to fully cool to room temperature, I placed the bowls on the floor for consumption.

Cowboy, my old seasoned veteran, looked at me inquiringly, and layed down to allow for more cooling time, while Ally, the aforementioned Corgi, practically dove head first into hers. I had my foot ready to pause her between bites, when she stopped, shook her head and well, stopped. Then she looked at me, looked at the bowl, dove in again, shook her head and stopped, again.

It took her a minute to realize something had changed, and then she did something interesting, smart girl that she is. Realizing the nose diving was not working, she daintily took a bite from the side of the bowl – remember how we were taught to eat soup, scooping from the side, not the middle?- that, my friends, was how she ate. One bite at a time, working her way from the cooler outside to the heart of the situation. Slowly and steadily, chewing and swallowing, one bite at a time.

Realizing heat was the trick, I gauged how hot the food in the pot was. The next day, after scooping a portion into her bowl, and before serving it, I popped it into the microwave for 45 seconds, then after testing, 10 seconds more. Yes, 55 seconds in the microwave was the perfect temperature to make her slow herself down and eat like she wasn’t brought up in a barn! After a few weeks, I tried the cold scoop again, to see if there was any change in her behavior, and sure enough, my nose diving, food snarfing dog re-appeared.

There’s no great training technique here, it was completely by accident that I found the solution – a solution that works for us.  I just wanted to share it with you in case you’re having the same issue, and looking for something that makes feeding time a little less frightening for everyone. Mind you, the food is not piping hot, it’s just hot enough that it’s uncomfortable to have your finger in the middle. We are definitely not looking for tongue scalding!

If you feed dry food, I would suggest using a gravy, I think having a gravy cool down would work just fine, but try it out and see how it works for you.  Microwaving hard bits might heat the centers and possibly cause burns, which is something we do not recommend. Definitely test the heat situation before giving it to your dog!

I hope it helps, and if you have any questions feel free to drop us a line at:

Have a tail waggin’ day!


JotForm and we’re gonna bark about it!

If you’re into e-commerce, and building your dream on a budget, then you already know how much time and effort goes into creating web pages that are appealing and user friendly.

If your page has too much information or the interaction aspects are difficult for your potential customers, they’re gone, and probably not coming back anytime soon, and that stinks.

We know what it’s like to spend hours (days, months, sometimes years) searching for that snippet of code or that program that is precisely,  exactly,  perfectly suited to the image you have in your minds eye of your ideal website design.

One of our biggest concerns is how easy it is for our customers to contact us.  While we do have a viable phone number up,  95% of our communication is done through email. If the form isn’t working, we’re losing potential customers, and aggravating existing ones. An awful and frustrating situation for any business, indeed.

Our contact form wasn’t cutting it, and we’d tried quite a few forms, both free and paid, to no avail. We needed a contact form that looked great, and would behave, and we were beginning to believe that that was too much to ask!

If you’re in the same predicament we were, and you’re frustrated, then click here: JotForm

This is how I found it:  Last week I finally got disgusted – after emailing, calling and wasting time, once again, discussing the apparently unsolvable issue with the company we had been paying in order to use their forms.  I took action.

I jumped on the internet and I surfed. I surfed for hours (again), I tried new programs (again), I re-implemented old ones (again), I tried new code, old code, altering code, new apps, new pages, PHP, CSS, and Javascript (all again). You name it, I’d had at it. I spent a whole lot of time and energy (again), and then…..I found it.

JotForm.  That’s it. Simple name, easy program.  JotForm! Check out the fun form we put together for our Contact Us page.

Your turn now. Go take a couple of minutes to try it. Build your form, add what you need, and with one snippet of code pasted into your page, it will be installed. Want to change something? Log in, make your changes, and log out. No extra code or pasting it’s all done automatically.  Use their themes or build your own.  Easy breezy and it really works. How about that?

Now our messages come through with attachments, with messages, with email addresses and names. No bounce backs, no complaints, no problems  and we even have a working ‘Captcha’ because SPAM is SPAM and SPAM stinks.

JotForm, that’s our new email form program website, we’re sticking to it, and we hope it makes your life easier too.

Dog Treats

Everyone loves Dog Treats! I know our dogs here at do!

Dog Treats - Dawgson Cookies from
Dog Treats – Dawgsons

Dog Treats – A Brief History

The first type of dog treat was mentioned as far back as 35 B.C. in ancient Roman texts. It was directly translated from Latin to mean “Dog’s Bread”. The general opinion was that “Dog’s Bread” was a substandard bread and it wasn’t fit for human consumption.

In 1623 “pan de perro” (which translates to “Bread of Dog”) was included in a play by Lope de Vega. The context of the word was that someone had been mistreated, or even killed. It was commonly used to express something bad in nature.

The bread that was made for dogs included bran as a primary ingredient. This is where the “mistreatment” concept originally came from when talking about “Dog’s Bread”. Bran was not considered to be very good to eat, it was a substandard food, fit more for Dogs and animals than for man.

In the 1800’s in Britain, the English began to make the first Dog Biscuits as we know them today. They began to include meant, oats, pollard, potatoes, carrots, parsnips and other quality ingredients. The first major producer was a man by the name of Smith. He was manufacturing five tons a week, for an extended period of time. The demand for the treats, combined with Mr. Smith’s desire to use quality ingredients, really gave the Dog Biscuit the push it needed to begin to find it’s place in the market.

Dog Biscuits later became synonymous with “Dog Food” and even began to replace dog food in certain situations. Hunters could bring along some dog biscuits and satisfy the animals’ hunger on a long hunting trip, without having to carry a heavy amount of food. In the 1870’s, a local newspaper ran an advertisement for “SLATER’S MEAT BISCUIT FOR DOGS – Contains vegetable substances and about 25 per cent of Prepared Meat. It gives Dogs endurance, and without any other food will keep them in fine working condition”.

Cookies by Plutor, on Flickr
Photo Credit: Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  Plutor 

In England, Spratt’s Dog Biscuits was granted a patent, and he said to the public that it was “He who first created this fine food”. But obviously, in reality, he had not, since they had versions of dog biscuits dating all the way back to Roman Times.

The commercial production of Dog Biscuits did however begin with James Spratt. Originally born in the United States, in Cincinnati, Spratt had obtained a patent for a new type of lightning conductor in 1850. He booked a trip, crossing the Atlantic Ocean to England with the hopes of selling his lightning conductor. The rumor is that he observed a group of stray dogs eating waste hardtack, which were cheap and tough dog biscuits, that were sometimes referred to as “molar breakers” by the people of London. The first step in bringing Dog Biscuits to the masses was taken.

References: Wikipedia Dog Biscuits

Viral Dog – Top 5 Viral Dog Media From 2014 – Dawg Biskits Blog

The Viral Dog List.

Viral Dog Videos Top 4 from  Viral Dog Video. It made our list because while it’s view count is not very high, it’s still pretty funny.  This is a magician that repeatedly caused the dog’s treats to disappear.

#3. The next one had a huge following, with over 128 million views it really was a sensation that scared the pants right off of a couple of people.  These two kids spent a lot of time making this, but it really did pay off for them in the end.

#2. This is a list of 20 of the Dog Conversation Texts.  These hit the internet in a big way, but not all of them are as a funny as others.  I went ahead and picked this website because they had the most of them in one central place.

If Dogs Could Text, 20 Funny Texts From Dogs

#1. This is the longest staring match I think you would ever want to be in.  Pretty funny stuff though!

What Happens Next Completely Surprised Me, I’m LOL so Hard People Are Starting to Stare

Dog Conversation – What happens when your dog gets an iPhone?

Dog conversations? Who’d have thunk it? Wouldn’t you love to get in touch with your dog during the day without having to drive home?

Dog Conversation

Dog Conversation on iPhone
Dog Conversation on iPhone

We didn’t make this up, it came from the internet so it has to be true! We do believe this might be pushing it a little bit, but hey, you never know…..

So, what’s your opinion? Fact or fiction? Well, whatever you decide, we say,  when you leave the house,  hide the cat……….

Toxic Dog Jerky Treats? YUCK. Who’s idea was that?

The FDA made buzzworthy news back in May this year, when it related, that since 2007, there have been almost 5,000 complaints of pet illnesses related to the toxic dog jerky treats. So we have to ask, Who makes these things?! Who would ever think to add an iffy ingredient to what should be 100% unadulterated meat? Does that even look appetizing on any level? YUCK, we say!! YUCK!!

Toxic Dog Jerky Treats 1000 Deaths

Toxic Dog Jerky Treats – How About Some Healthy Jerky Instead?

Want healthy jerky for your dog? Send us a message, give us a call. It’s not listed in our store, or anywhere on our website, but we do make it for the hounds of the manor, and a good deal of our fabulous Dawg Biskit customers enjoy it as well. It’s only made in small batches, special order. It started as the topping for our Paw D’ervs, and from there it became it’s own separate entity.

We don’t consider ourselves to be in the in the jerky business, we knew it was a marketable item, we knew we had a process that makes our Paw D’erv topping unique, however, we didn’t don’t take it out of the kitchen because we don’t find it nearly as much fun as creating dog friendly cupcakes, or other frilly, floofy treats.

It was our customers who got us to make batches and sell them offline, and actually we’re delighted they did. Why? Because we can tell you, in all certainty that the only ingredient in our jerky is fresh organic chicken, if it’s chicken, fresh organic beef,  if it’s beef, fresh organic turkey, if it’s turkey, and  fresh organic lamb, if it’s lamb. 100%. Your best friend is safe here when it comes to treats.

Toxic Dog Jerky Treats - Healthy Chicken Jerky Instead

Like our batches, we’re a small company. We know everyone here, we know exactly what goes in to our treats, we know exactly where our ingredients came from. We think it’s the best way, and that’s how we’re going to keep it. We hope you agree.

So, give your pet some jerky love. Call or send an email to order yours today.  Like Ally Dawgson on Facebook and we’ll take 10% off of your order. (offer applies to jerky orders only)

Dog Cookie Recipes

Have you ever wondered about what really goes in to creating a dog cookie recipe? Like most creations, it’s more than an off the cuff  mix of this and that. It’s working with different ingredient combinations, making  times and temperatures work together to make a treat look and taste purchase worthy.  It’s doggy testing to make sure most dogs will actually want to eat what you’re prepared.

Yes, there are dogs that will eat anything you put in front of them. Then again, there are some dogs who are exceptionally finicky. There are too the dogs who are connoisseurs of all things dog treat, who take their time to enjoy their snacks or their rewards, the wine tasters of the canine community, if you will.

The idea of creating a dog treat, or dog snack, or a dog treat recipe is to do your best to encompass all of the groups, and keep experimenting until you satisfy them all. It’s a never ending quest, a sort of exciting, fun filled canine culinary, pure and natural ingredient adventure.


Why worry about whether you’re going to have a winner? There’s no need for messy recipe ideas that may or may not come out as shown on your screen. No need to spend a lot of money on ingredients you may or may not use again. No need to have your hard work and love snubbed by that precious ball of fur you would do anything for!

All you have to do is go to our bakery, choose a treat, send us your order and bask in the love your dog bestows upon your person when our package arrives at your door. Take the wondering out of that online dog treat recipe. Your best friend will have the palatable experience you were hoping for.

You can trust in us, our Dawg Biskits recipes provide your dog with 100% real, whole, natural preservative free ingredients that are not only delicious, they are actually healthy as well.



Dog Cookie Recipes Little Millies Dog Biscuit Treat
Little Millies Dog Biscuit Treat

Dog Cookie Recipes – Little Millies

Energy bars for dogs……..

A flavorful combination of Peanut Butter, Molasses, and other natural delcious, nutritious ingredients, make these energy packed treats stand out from the crowd.

These little bite size treats put all other dog cookie recipes to shame. You will be amazed how much your dog loves these tasty biscuits. Order a bag or two today (you’ll want some to share with your friends!)

The Shocking Truth About the Pet Industry

Here at Dawg Biskits we’ve collectively had a tremendous amount of experience in the pet industry, from stocking shelves at pet stores, to management at some of the bigger chains, to training, to grooming, to animals shelters, I think we’ve covered most areas if not all.

The Pet Industry Doesn’t Care About Your Pets!

One thing we’re all aware of is the re-occurring situation wherein some harmful ingredient is added to the supply chain which is followed by a rash of pet products being pulled from the shelves.

The Shocking Truth About the Pet Industry
Photo Credit: Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  donnierayjones 

The aftermath always includes the death of a very-well loved best friend. A sad state of affairs if ever there was one.

What we don’t understand is who is watching over the ingredient content? Of course the commercial companies can pay out to the owners who are heartbroken, in the grand scheme of things, and here I mean legally, a pet is not covered as a human would be, and what’s the price of an average pet? Clearly the commercial companies understand the equation of sales vs. payout in case of emergency, and they are willing to put your pets lives at risk to save themselves money in the short term, which definitely exceeds the payouts they’ll have to give you.

Why DawgBiskits.Com?

It’s not hard to oversee what goes into a product. We do it here everyday. All of our products are from local vendors with whom we’ve established relationships. All of our ingredients are fresh and natural, we can assure you of that because we know from where they come and who has been in the line of bringing them to us.

On top of that, all of our products are whole. What that means is, we hand pick everything, and if it needs to be ground we grind it, if it needs to be peeled, we peel it, if it needs to be creamed, or cooked or baked or anything else, we do it right here. We make everything in small batches to ensure freshness.

Why? Because our pets mean the world to us, just like yours do to you. They’re family and since they give us unconditional love and would protect us no matter what, we make sure to do the same for them.

It’s only right. It’s the reason we’re not commercial, the reason we aren’t available on the wholesale shelves, and why you can trust that what we say is in our Dawg Biskits, is actually what’s in our Dawg Biskits.